Important Notification on Pick-up Service


The organizer of ICOMOS-CIAV&ISCEAH 2019 Joint Meeting & International Conference has prepared shuttle buses for participant arrival and departure. Please choose the bus as appropriate according to the following schedule and instruction when you arrive at Taiyuan Wusu International Airport or Pingyao High-Speed Railway Station.

1Arrival Pick-up

1Taiyuan Wusu International Airport -- Pingyao Lizeyuan International Hotel

Pick-up location: Bus parking in front of Gate 2, Terminal 1, Taiyuan Wusu international Airport

Drop-off location: Pingyao Lizeyuan International Hotel

Bus timetable

September 4: 13:30 18:30

September 5: 10:00 – 21:00 (one-hour interval)

September 6: 13:3018:30

This is the photo showing the location of bus parking. There will be signs of “ICOMOS-CIAV &ISCEAH 2019”and “Airport –Pingyao” on the front glass of shuttle buses.



1.Volunteers wearing conference T-shirts and carrying the signboard of “ICOMOS-CIAV & ISCEAH 2019”will wait at the arrival hall to guide participants to the bus.

2. In case that participants are not able to find our volunteers at the arrival hall, they can directly go to the bus parking as mentioned above.

2Pingyao High-Speed Railway Station -- Pingyao Lizeyuan International Hotel

Bus time table

September 5:11:00 – 20:00

Volunteers wearing conference T-shirts and carrying the signboard of “ICOMOS-CIAV & ISCEAH 2019”will wait at the station exit to guide participants to the bus.

2Departure Drop-off

Participants are kindly requested to choose the departure time from the bus timetable when completing the conference registration process on September 5. All the departure buses will leave for Taiyuan Airport or Pingyao high-speed railway station from Lizeyuan International Hotel. Therefore, participants who choose to take our departure buses shall get ready at Lizeyuan Hotel at least 10 minutes before the departure time they choose.

Note: The Scientific Members will get the specialized contact from our working staff of organizing committee  ahead. Detailed instructions will be given for transportation ,pick up and departure drop-off.

3Registration (very important)

Participants are kindly requested to complete conference registration at the lobby of Lizeyuan International Hotel. Registration time is 10:00-21:00, September 5th.

Those who book Hongshanyi Inn via the conference secretariat can complete registration at Hongshanyi’s lobby. Those who are not able to register on September 5th due to late flight or flight delay, please complete registration at the secretariat office at the conference hall on the morning of September 6.

Please note that registration is a very important step that should not be missed. When completing registration, participants shall be provided with a conference bag (including participant card, handbook, lunch coupons, paper collections, etc.) and requested to choose their departure buses. In particular, one shall not be allowed to attend the conference agenda without wearing participant card.







95 10:00~ 21:00,间隔一小时发班车一趟,如:10:0011:0012:00……21:00









95 11:00~20:00,年会接站人员在出站口举"年会标识"牌,负责引导上车。



参会者请在95日完成会议注册时,从巴士时刻表中选择离开时间。所有出发大巴将从丽泽苑国际酒店出发前往太原机场或平遥高铁站。 因此,计划乘坐送机巴士的参会者应在选择的出发时间前至少10分钟抵达丽泽苑国际酒店。



参会代表请在9510:00-21:00 于平遥丽泽苑国际酒店大堂完成注册。





  • International Council on Monuments and Sites- International Committee on Vernacular Architecture (ICOMOS-CIAV)
  • International Council on Monuments and Sites- International Scientific Committee on Earthen Architectural Heritage (ICOMOS-ISCEAH)
  • Chinese National Committee for the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS CHINA)
  • World Heritage Institute of Training and Research for the Asia and the Pacific Region under the auspices of UNESCO (WHITRAP Shanghai)
  • The Academic Committee of Historical and Cultural City Planning, the Urban Planning Society of China (ACHCCP-UPSC)
  • Committee of Urban and Rural Built Heritage-ASC (CURBH-ASC)
  • Tongji University, CHINA

Academic Supporting Partners

  • Urban Planning Society of China
  • Architectural Society of China
  • Heritage Architecture
  • Built Heritage


  • Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning & Design InstituteCO.,LTD.
  • Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd.(TJAD)


  • Pingyao County CPC Committee
  • Pingyao County People’s Government




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