Long-distance tour (11th-18th September)

Other World Heritage sites, vernacular and earthen architecture in China


Fujian Province and Guangdong Province

Hakka Tulou in Nanjing, Pinghe and Yongding in Fujian Province, Hakka houses in Meixian of Guangdong Province.

1800-2200 USD or 12000-15000 RMB /person

Long-distance tour fee will include: round-trip tickets from Taiyuan to Fujian/Guangdong Province (or return ticket to Beijing/Shanghai), transportation, accommodation expenses (of four-star and above hotels), meals, tickets and English guide. The specific itinerary of trips and detailed descriptions of each price will be announced later.

Detailed information will be announced until June.


  • International Council on Monuments and Sites- International Committee on Vernacular Architecture (ICOMOS-CIAV)
  • International Council on Monuments and Sites- International Scientific Committee on Earthen Architectural Heritage (ICOMOS-ISCEAH)
  • Chinese National Committee for the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS-CHINA)
  • World Heritage Institute of Training and Research for the Asia and the Pacific Region under the auspices of UNESCO (WHITRAP Shanghai)
  • The Academic Committee of Historical and Cultural City Planning, the Urban Planning Society of China (ACHCCP-UPSC)
  • Committee of Urban and Rural Built Heritage-ASC (CURBH-ASC)
  • Tongji University, CHINA

Academic Supporting Partners

  • Urban Planning Society of China
  • Architectural Society of China
  • Heritage Architecture
  • Built Heritage


  • Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning & Design InstituteCO.,LTD.


  • Pingyao County People’s Government




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